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Difference Between Sex And Love Addiction

When it comes to love and sex, the majority of people want them both in their lives. However, there are times when either or both can become an addiction for some folks. Understanding the difference between sex and love addiction may help deal with this issue. Either love or sex dependency are considered to be emotional intimacy disorders. They are characterized by an individual’s compulsive behavior as well as obsessive thoughts.

There are some differences between them both though. Most people addicted to sex typically have pornography difficulties. On the other hand they may also have continuous sexual experiences which are often anonymous. Love addicts on the other hand, usually cling to their partners. But, the partner they try to hold on to, sometimes causes them emotional and physical trauma. The love addict will also jump from one partnership to the next. He or she will refrain from intimacy or love and is often unable to deal with the end results of a relationship.

Addicted To Love?

The typical love addict adores the exhilaration and euphoria he or she experiences. The beginning of the seduction stage causes them an intoxicating rush. This goes on as the relationship gets started. They may feel intense lust, infatuation or sexual dependency. The love addict often find themselves in relationships which are painful and overwhelming. At least in their minds since they become insecure, hopeless and clingy.

Ironically, some love addicts are sometimes incapable of experiencing any real lasting feelings of bond. However, the numerous relationships which end up in failures become a pattern. That in itself becomes an addiction to them and they end up in a comatose ’emotional anorexia’ stage. In turn, they run away from any real commitment or partnerships.

Addicted To Sex?

The sex addict is a bit more complicated since there are several scenarios which lead to this diagnosis. Those dependent on sex tend to have sexual obsessions which causes dysfunction in their lives leading to compulsory behavior. There are many who are addicted to sex and spend all day looking at pornography. They have to masturbate constantly. The individual may also use other means to obtain release. This may come from sex they get via paying for it. It could be in person, chats, webcams or phone interactions. At the same time, a sex addict will also engage in exhibitionism and voyeurism which is compulsive.

For sex addicts, the results are more harmful since the obsession becomes worse as time passes by. They have to have sex in order to achieve their high or feeling of release. But, the person becomes numb to sex itself. These people have problems with intimacy which they avoid at all cost. They also often feel depressed, guilt and shame.

Any compulsive behavior or addiction will generally result in problems down the road. The only way to escape this trap is by first acknowledging the issue. The next step is seeking professional help and support.


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