Most Lucrative Porn Categories In The World

Most Lucrative Porn Categories In The World

Not too long ago, people thought of porn as something dirty and underground. Those days have long gone now that pornography appears to have gone mainstream. The adult world is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. There are millions of websites dedicated to bringing people the best in porn. Best of all, users can find all types of adult videos, animated sex GIF images and porn pics for free.

The extent of how much money the porn industry makes is shocking when compared to others. Major league sports such as the NBA and NFL rake in billions in revenue each year. So does Major League Baseball. But even if you combined all three – MLB, NFL and NBA – they still would not make as much money as the porn sector does. Those are staggering numbers to consider and only serve to point out why so many are involved in the world of porn.

One of the things which makes porn so popular is the wide range of areas it covers. In the world of porn, there are countless of genres for users to choose from. Some of the most popular are amateur, hentai, lesbian, MILF, ebony, BBW and a few others. Statistics show that visitors of adult sites spent more than 4,600,000,000 hours watching porn. They also watched more than 92,100,239,000 adult videos on sites such as PornHub.

For sites such as PornHub, those numbers represent millions in revenue. At the same time, they mean billions in profit for the porn industry. Users spend this money buying DVD’s or streaming movies. They also chat via webcams with men and women to have sex online. Some purchase sex toys and porn star memorabilia. Many of the stars sell their panties and undergarments, among other things, to fans. In all, there are countless of ways pornography makes money from those who enjoy viewing sex pics, sex GIFS and more. The list below contains some of the most profitable porn categories in the industry.


Girl on girl porn has always been something people enjoyed watching. Even major Hollywood films, cable and Television have lesbian situations. The lesbian category ranks at the top among users all over the world. Most of the girl on girl porn GIFs, videos and sex pictures is viewed by heterosexual males. The lesbian genre contains many other sub categories which make it even more popular. There are lesbian sex gifs of women sucking on each other’s tits, pussies and kissing. You also have the ones where the girls use strap on to fuck the other.

MILF – Mature

Chances are that if you are a hot looking mom, there are lots of people who want to have sex with you. Millions of young adults, men and women spend hours and tons of money checking out MILF sex material. Any content with mature women is very popular and widely searched for. The age range of a MILF can be anywhere from 25 to 50 years of age. That leaves a lot of room for hot and sexy porn material involving mature women.


No one would guess that animated Japanese porn would be such a lucrative genre. But according to statistics, hentai movies, porn pics and sex GIF images are among the hottest and most lucrative. Users love to see hentai images of gorgeous Japanese girls being banged by almost anything or anyone. They can be of them having sex with animals, aliens, famous cartoon characters or sexy men and women. The possibilities of what you can see in hentai porn is endless. It is part of the reason it is so popular and profitable for the adult industry.

Teen 18+

Porn images and videos of young looking girls are something people adore. You can find all types of material related to porn stars or models who appear to be younger than they are. There are also sites dedicated to young looking teens. But, these are over the legal age women who only look young. Yet they can do all types of things for visitors to make them spend money.


Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world. That may explain why so many people have a thing for black or ebony porn. Hot and luscious sex pics of ebony women are top sellers. People want to see pretty black girls get fucked by white guys, another girl or man. They also enjoy black men with big dicks as they destroy white women’s pussies and asses.


Nothing can get individuals aroused more than anal sex pictures, porn gifs and other material. Adult stores sell make believe asses which are made to look like those belonging to popular porn stars. This way, users can anal fuck the prosthetic body part and fantasize about having sex with whomever they want. The same goes for any pornography material depicting anal sex.

Big Dick

A lot of people enjoy watching men with big dicks fuck others. That may explain why big dicks are also some of the most sold adult sex toys. It could be a black man’s big cock, Latino or white male. Even in hentai porn you see some animated men with huge cocks. The end result is that big dicks are in.

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